No-Show/Late Arrival Policy

At Noyce Orthodontics, we realize that emergencies and other scheduling conflicts arise and are sometimes unavoidable. However, advance notice allows us to fulfill scheduling needs and keeps our office operating at its most efficient level. Missed appointments are a significant inconvenience to your orthodontist, our office, and other patients. Due to a dramatic increase in no-show appointments, we have implemented the policy below.

This policy is in place out of respect for all of us, including you. Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice are difficult to fill. By giving last-minute notice, or no notice at all, you prevent someone else from being able to be seen.

Late Arrival Policy

Patients are asked to arrive at their appointments before their scheduled appointment time. A grace period of 10 minutes will be permitted for unforeseen delays a patient may encounter while traveling to the office for their scheduled appointment.

If a patient arrives more than 10 minutes late for their appointment, the patient will be rescheduled. This process will ensure patients who do arrive on time are seen in a timely manner. Recurring late arrivals may result in automatic rescheduling of a late appointment.

No Show/Cancellation Policy

A no-show is a patient who fails to appear for a scheduled appointment without providing a 24-hour cancellation notice. Further, a rescheduled appointment that is less than the 24-hour cancellation notice is still considered a cancellation and is treated as such. There is a $50 charge for all no-show appointments. This charge must be paid on or before the next scheduled appointment.

To assist the patient in keeping appointments, we currently send multiple reminder telephone texts and calls before the patient’s scheduled appointment. During these calls, a patient is offered the opportunity to either confirm or reschedule the appointment. All reminder calls are documented in our system. Following the reminder call (or appointment confirmation), the patient is responsible for canceling or rescheduling the appointment, no less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

It is the responsibility of the patient receiving the call or text to confirm, cancel, or reschedule 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. If the patient’s phone is “out of service” or not receiving calls, the patient is still responsible for keeping their scheduled appointment.

NOTE: You will never be charged for a cancellation if it is made more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.

The Late Arrival and No-Show Cancellation Policy are each strictly enforced. All fees related to such policies are due at the time of the missed appointment and will be charged to the patient.


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